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Glavni Trg Square


Maribor’s main square was first mentioned in written sources in 1315 as the “markt”, i.e. the market. It has only been renamed as the Main Square in the 19th century. The square used to serve as market grounds for farmers and craftsmen until the first half of the 20th century. The tradition has recently been revived. Every Friday, Glavni trg hosts a farmers market that sells organic produce, baked goods, milk and meat products, and various handmade items, while the cafés around the square offer an opportunity to enjoy a coffee and soak up the sunrays.

The square is framed by various historical buildings and sights, including the Plague Column, the Town Hall, and the Church of St. Aloysius. In the northwestern corner is the former Tscheligi Brewery, which was the first brewery in Maribor. It opened in the first half of the 18th century and remained at the same location for good 200 years. Older generations still remember going to the Tscheligi’s for a beer, while others have fond memories of the restaurant Koper that moved into the building after the brewery.

The building of the former Old City Pharmacy Pri kraljevem orlu draws the eye with its ornate facade decorated with pharmacy-related motifs. The first pharmacy moved into the building out of the Town Hall in 1753. The building served the same purpose until the middle of the 20th century. Many still remember its former owner, Franc Minarik, who was acclaimed among professionals for his contribution to medicine. His book on the history of medicine is still relevant to students today.

Younger buildings can be found on the eastern side of the square. Buildings that had stood there previously were either demolished when the Old Bridge was constructed in 1913, or destroyed in the bombings during the Second World War.

Before Trg Leona Štuklja square opened in 2011, Glavni trg had been the largest square in Maribor.


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