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Beer Tasting at a Beer Fountain


If a customisable beer tasting sounds like a great idea, then this might be something for you. You can try eight different beers (1 dcl of each) or pour yourself seconds, but you get to choose which beer you want and when you want it: this tasting is based on automatic beer taps that are operated with the help of a pre-paid card.

Quicktap is an automatic beer tap that was developed in Slovenia and launched in 2012. The idea was inspired by the American beer taps that fill up pints through a valve in the bottom. This tap is a little different. It still fills the glass from the bottom up, but the tap descends into the glass instead. It works with impressive speed—five seconds are enough to fill a pint, three to fill half a pint. This makes Quicktap very popular at festivals or big sports events. The taps can be used by the customers directly with the help of a pre-paid card. Another advantage of these taps is their ability to keep the beer cool, so that it’s always the perfect temperature for drinking.

You can choose beer from eight different taps. Different beers rotate on the taps. Some of the beers you can find include the following:

Pivovarna Maribor

Pivovarna Maribor is located at La Cantina Center. All beer produced by Pivovarna Maribor is lager beer made with Slovenian hops. Their beers are unfiltered, unpasteurised, and unarchived. They have a hazy look, an intensive aroma, and a rich, full taste. Three varieties are regularly available from tap:

  • Pale lager: hazy beer with a golden-yellow body and a creamy white head. Its aroma is dominated by bread while the taste adds a bit of fruitiness to the mix. The experience is rounded up by a gentler bitterness with a hint of pepper and an aftertaste of medium length. 
  • Dark lager: a deep brown, almost black hazy lager with a cream-coloured head. This beer is characterised by an aroma of coffee, nuts, and traces of chocolate. The taste is dominated by roasted flavours and accompanied by coffee and a hint of sweetness.
  • Green lager: a light, fresh beer with a hazy, Irish green body and a durable head. Grassy aromas dominate this beer, but a gentle aroma of bread can still be found in the background. The initial medium level of bitterness is overtaken by the sweetness of malt. The aftertaste is short and slightly peppery.


The story of Laško Brewery began in 1825 with the founding of a small craft brewery. In almost two centuries of trouble and triumphs, Laško Brewery has one of the two biggest breweries in Slovenia.

  • Laško Zlatorog: a pale lager beer, which has become a true Slovenian classic. This is a typical lager of a deep golden colour with a hint of wheat and malt. It has low levels of bitterness and a relatively short aftertaste.
  • Laško Golding: named after a variety of hops native to Savinjska dolina valley, Golding is a crystal clear golden lager with a small but durable white head. Its aroma is characterised by grass and hay. The aftertaste is stronger, herbal and peppery.


Founded in 1864, Union Brewery is one of the biggest breweries in Slovenia. Its headquarters in Ljubljana also house a beer museum and organise guided tours of the brewery.

  • Pale lager: Union’s classic. A clear, golden beer with a light, drinkable body, a gentle aroma of malt, and a trace of wheat.
  • Pale unfiltered: a hazy, golden beer with a nicely durable head. The most noticeable aromas are the grassy aromas of hops with some bread in the background, followed by a slightly sour hint of wheat. The taste begins with a gentle sweetness and the taste of bread and gains a more grassy, sour character as it evolves.
  • Union Pivnica Selection Pale Ale: a pale ale with an aroma of citrus and tropic fruits, dominated by pineapple. This is a hazy beer with medium levels of bitterness and a taste that is first characterised by citrus fruits but evolves into something more grassy and herbal..
  • Union Pivnica Selection IPA: an India Pale Ale with a strong hoppy aroma and intense bitterness. It has a strong malty backbone and a rich aroma due to different types of hops.


Heineken is a Dutch beer that was first brewed in 1873 in what is today the centre of Amsterdam. Since then, Heineken has grown from a microbrewery into a large company that sells its beer in almost 200 countries. Heineken also owns the biggest breweries in Slovenia.

  • Heineken pale lager: one of the most recognisable beers in the world. This is a fresh lager beer, made with a specific type of yeast that is named after Heineken himself.


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