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10 Exciting Things to do in Maribor this Summer


The long summer months may not the be the time of the biggest festivals in Maribor, but that doesn’t mean there is nowhere to go. Why not consider a smaller, more locally coloured event where you can truly experience life in our town? Join us for some of the best events in Maribor this summer!


Corn Maze near Betnava Forest

Open until September, Thursday–Sunday

The Corn Maze may well be something the likes of which you’ve never experienced before. Located in a corn field the size of almost six football fields, the maze invites you to get in touch with nature as you try to find your way through over 3 km worth of winding paths and dead ends. Hidden inside are 17 stops with different fun and educational tasks. Psst, on certain occasions, they’re even open at night to make your task harder! The maze is suitable for both children and adults.

While you’re there, you can also enjoy a walk through the Betnava forest, the view of the Betnava Mansion, or a challenge in Adventure Park Betnava.

More about the Corn Labyrinth here.


Summer Artcamp in the City Park

July 7–September 1, weekends

If you’re visiting Maribor with children, this is the place to go. Visit the City Park and spend some time in the embrace of nature. The program of Artcamp is filled with different concerts, shows, and creative workshops that give children the opportunity to try their hand at painting, dancing, sculpting, and even film. Events are accompanied by an open-air library, market stalls, and sports, and take place every Saturday and Sunday.

More about the Artcamp here.

City Park Maribor is the place to go for both children and adults.


Yoga in the City Park

Until August 29, every Thursday

The City Park caters not only to children, but also to adults who want to take a break from the concrete and enjoy some me-time. Whether you’re an experienced yogi or a complete beginner, you can join others and unroll your yoga mat in the park every Thursday at 6:00 pm. In the event of rain the activity is cancelled.

More about Yoga in the City Park here.


Open-Air Cinema Minoriti

July 8–August 31, Wednesdays and Saturdays

Maribor’s open-air cinema takes place in the auditorium of the renovated Minorite monastery, hidden from view and surrounded by historic buildings. The programme offers a variety of different productions from all over the world, and the films are accompanied by guests, music events, and exhibitions.

More about the Open-Air Cinema here.

Old monastery walls hide the stage of Maribor's open-air cinema.


Summer Puppet Pier

August 3–September 1

Summer Puppet Pier shares its location with the Open-Air Cinema Minoriti, but the old monastery opens its door to children on this occasion. This traditional puppet-theatre festival brings together the best local performances and productions from different parts of Europe and the world. Some shows are suitable for children as young as a year and a half although most are aimed at a slightly older audience. The shows are accompanied by workshops and exhibitions.

More about the Summer Puppet Pier here.


Hiking Weekend on Pohorje

August 15–August 18

This four-day retreat is ideal for hiking lovers. The program includes two guided whole-day hikes and two shorter trips. Your guide will take you to all the most important vantage points, mountaintops, and other interesting gems hidden on the Maribor side of Pohorje. Stay in the hotel is included.

More about the Hiking Weekend here.

Join the hiking weekend and discover the best spots on Pohorje.


Street Food Market

August 29–August 31

A caravan of food truck will stop in Maribor at the end August as a part of the Austrian Street Food Tour. Over the weekend, 40 chefs will offer a variety of dishes from all over the world. Last year, the offer ranged from hot-dogs and burgers to traditional Slovenian cuisine to exotic delicacies from abroad—and the market is bound to impress again. They’ve already promised to a selection of local and foreign alcoholic drinks! If you enjoy discovering the world through food, this is an event you shouldn’t miss.

More about the Street Food Market here.


Špas Fest Festival

August 29–September 1

Špas—or in English ‘fun’—Fest is a festival dedicated to reviving the medieval atmosphere in Maribor. Street theatre performances, a medieval market, and a parade bring some of the old times back to the old medieval centre of town, while concerts and comedies make sure to leave a smile on the faces of the visitors. Programs includes events suitable for children and for adults.

More about the Špas Fest Festival here.


Večer Picnic

August 31

Organised by the biggest newspaper house in Maribor, this picnic takes place at the sports airport Skoke and combines airplanes with barbeque. The main attraction are definitely the flights—you can book your own panoramic flight over town or watch pilots show off their skills during aerobatic flights. The events suffers no shortage of other entertainments: concerts, workshops, and plenty of food cater to both children and adults.

More about Večer Picnic here.


Summer at Poštna Street

Summer months, Fridays and Saturdays

Poštna Street is the home of nightlife in Maribor all year round. In the summer, the joint efforts of the cafes and pubs that line the street will spice up the evenings with concerts every Friday and Saturday. No fixed program can be found, but let yourself be surprised and enjoy live music on the long summer evening.

More about Poštna here.


Why not give these a go if you’re spending your summer in Maribor? We’re sure they will make your summer a bit more unforgettable!

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