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App-Guided Food Tours


Would you like to explore Maribor in your own time? Do you wish for more flexibility than a guided tour can offer? No problem—just let our app become your personal guide! The app will assist you in navigating the town’s foodie scene and medieval sights in the old city centre with the help of GSP location services. It is rich with pictures, descriptions, and audio presentations that will help you explore every sight and attraction. It even includes tips from locals, so that you will be able to discover hidden gems and experience out town to the fullest.

Food tour app? What is that?

The app-guided tours are available through our Tasting Maribor app. The app itself is divided into two parts: the free interactive map of the town and the tours. The interactive map includes descriptions of all the most important sights you can find in Maribor. Restaurants, pubs, and accommodations have not been forgotten either—the app can help you find the best place to eat or stay. What’s more, if you choose any of these as your destination, the app will guide you to it no matter where you are in town.

The second part of the app lets you choose between different culinary tours: you can find list on our website. You’ll need to purchase the tours to unlock them, but the app itself and the interactive map are completely free, so you can simply grab them from Google Play or Apple Store and take a sneak peak of what the app has to offer.

I’ve decided on a tour, what do I do now?

After you’ve purchased your chosen tour, you will receive your activation code. Use it to unlock the tour in the app. You’ll see the route of the culinary tour you’ve purchased displayed on the interactive map. Your stops will be marked for you. The app will also display the locations of the most important city sight and its top restaurants, bars, and bistros. Which locations will be shown on your map depends on the theme of your tour. Pictures of the sighs and an audio guide are also included, so don’t forget to bring your headphones.

After you’ve activated the tour, the app will display your location on the map and direct you to the closest tasting location. If you don’t wish to visit the tasting locations in the order that the app suggest, you absolutely don’t have to. Feel free to skip a location and return later or decide on a different route altogether. Once you get to the marked locations, ask for the Tasting Menu and show the waiter or the provider the code you’ve received.

You’re saying I have complete freedom in how I proceed with my tour?

Essentially, yes. The biggest plus of our Food tour app is the practically unlimited flexibility it offers you. You will see your destinations marked, but in what order and for how long you visit them is completely up to you. If any other city sigh catches your fancy, you can stop there and explore it to your heart’s content. Perhaps you’d like to take a breather in the nearby park or catch a show in town? You can do that too, and return to the tour afterwards. It doesn’t matter if you stray out of the way—the app will be able to track your location and guide you to your next tasting destination whenever you wish. However, you should bear in mind that the app will only track one person. If you wish to track more people on the same phone, you can, but all of them will need to purchase the same culinary tour.

That sounds great. Are there any catches?

You can take as much time at your tasting locations as you’d like, but you should keep in mind that the tour is only valid for 24 hours after the purchase. When you’re planning your tour, please consider the opening times of the establishments as well.

One tour is only valid for one person. More people can follow the route, of course, but you will only receive one tasting menu per purchased tour at each tasting location.

Should I choose the app tour or a tour with one of your local guides?

Each type of tour has its own benefits. On one hand, a local guide will be able to provide detailed information, answer your questions, and bring you that much closer to the culture you’re visiting. On the other hand, the app tours are available at a lower price and offer you even more flexibility in regard to time. You can also take the app tour without any other participants while the regular guided tour is designed to be carried out in a small group. It really comes down to your personal preference in the end, although you’re guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience no matter which option you choose.

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