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Vinag Wine Cellar


The Vinag Wine Cellar is one of the biggest traditional tunnel wine cellars in Central Europe. Located beneath the city centre, this cellar measures 15,000 square metres.

The story of Vinag’s Wine Cellar began in 1847 with its construction. At the time, a cooling cellar from a brewery was located right next to it. This brewery was briefly owned by Union, one of the two biggest breweries in Slovenia today. After the Second World War, both cellars were connected. Vinag’s golden age began at the same time and lasted until Slovenia declared independence in 1991. After that, Vinag went through a string of owners and started to lag behind other Slovenian wine makers. Luckily, things are beginning to look up again. The cellar also doubles as a venue for various events and concerts because of its great acoustics.


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