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Piramida and Upper Maribor Castle


Piramida is a 386-metre hill near the centre of Maribor that provides a beautiful view of the whole city. This makes it a popular hiking spot with locals and visitors alike. Piramida is also the place where the history of Maribor began.

Written records first mention a castle on top of Piramida in 1164. It is thought to have been constructed at the beginning of the 12th century as part of the defensive measures against the Hungarians. The castle was called Marchburg, which translates to castle in the mark, i.e. a border county or borderland. Soon, a town began to form under the castle.

At the end of the 18th century, the castle was torn down, and the remaining material was used to construct a stone pyramid, after which the hill is named. The pyramid was later destroyed by a lighting strike. Today, a chapel stands atop of Piramida, commemorating the old castle.

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