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Lent is the oldest part of Maribor, rich with historic sights such as the Old Vine, the Water and the Judgement Tower, and the remains of the old rafting harbour. The River Drava used to be an important traffic route. Wood, iron, and other goods were transported down the river with rafts and barges. Lent was the first major stop on the way from Villach. Drava used to have a much stronger flow, and the most dangerous part of the journey ended in Maribor. Rafts remained in use as long as 1947 when the first dams were built for the hydroelectric power plants.

Every year, a rafting baptism is performed to keep the memory of the rafting tradition alive. Lent also gave the name to the largest open-air festival in Maribor, a multi-genre event called Lent Festival.


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