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Maribor for Adrenaline Lovers and Adventurous Souls


You might not find adrenaline-inducing activities in the old medieval centre of Maribor, but the town has its fair share of them to offer. If you’re used to chasing the adrenaline rush, you might have heard of some already. If you’ve never set foot in an adrenalin park before, but you want to try something a little more adventurous anyway, don’t worry. Both groups can find fun ways to spend a day in Maribor. We’ve gathered some ideas that you can try.

Header image by Denis Janežič.

Adrenaline Park and Altitude Polygon Pohorje

Classic, but no less adrenaline inducing, is the Altitude Polygon on Trikotna jasa on the Pohorje Mountains. It consists of five parts that range from eight to fourteen meters in height. The most breath-taking part—quite literally—is the giant swing. A pulley system will lift you eight meters high and let you enjoy a splendid view of Maribor as you swing above the mountain slope. You can also challenge yourself by climbing the Pillar of Bravery and turn around on the tiny platform on top, eight meters above the ground.

Aside from the Altitude Polygon, Adrenalin Park Pohorje includes the Pohorje Jet summer sled, a ride down the slopes with Monster Rollers, Bike Park Pohorje, and more.

Bike Park Pohorje

Bike Park Pohorje is a downhill mountain biking park, open yearly from the beginning of April to the end of October. The Bike Park encompasses three tracks of different lengths and difficulty levels, with a total length of more than ten kilometres. The tracks start at the top station of the cable car. Bike Park Pohorje has housed several international downhill mountain biking competitions so far, so you can be sure that the more difficult tracks will present a challenge even for the experienced downhill enthusiasts.  If you’re only just starting to try out downhill and don’t have your gear yet, you can borrow everything there. The park also has a repair shop on hand.

Try your downhill mountain biking skills at Bike Park Pohorje. Photo by Denis Janežič.


Wakepark Dooplek

Wakepark Dooplek is the first wakeboarding park in Slovenia and comes complete with various obstacles, gear rental, and a bar to sate your thirst and hunger after wakeboarding. This park is great for both experienced and beginner boarders, as well as everyone in between. They offer a variety of course. The course for complete beginners includes the rental of the necessary gear. Boarders of intermediate level can learn to tackle obstacles for the first time, and advanced boarders can enjoy a course that will help them master additional tricks. No booking required. Team building activities available upon prior arrangement.

SUP Trip on the River Drava with Bananaway

If you’re not so much chasing the high of adrenaline as wishing for a new adventure, suping may just be the thing for you. Far from the crazy acrobatics of wakeboarding, the thrill of suping is much more subtle. There is just you, the board, and the river passing you by—and the occasional challenge for your centre of gravity. If you’re looking for a fun new experience, you won’t regret stepping on a sup board. Find your trip here. Booking is required.

Adventure Park Betnava

Adventure Park Betnava inside the Betnava forest is another great option for those who are a little less fond of adrenaline. But make no mistake. If you’re not really used to adrenaline parks, you’ll still be in for plenty of excitement. Adveture Park Betnava has seven tracks which vary in difficulty. Even though the easiest tracks are suitable for children as well, the most difficult track will get your blood pumping as you attempt to complete the challenges eight meters above the ground.

Hidden in Betnava Forest lies Adventure Park Betnava. Can you complete all courses?

Parachute Jumps with Skydive Maribor

Is there anything more exhilarating than the freefall before the parachute opens? You don’t know? Try it out! It doesn’t matter if you have no knowledge of parachute jumping. Skydive Maribor offers tandem skydiving for everyone. You’ll be taken high above the city with a plane, then jump with your tandem pilot—and fly. This is a great opportunity to get that adrenaline rush and to see Maribor from a new perspective. If you’re staying for longer and eager to learn more, Skydive Maribor offers a complete parachuting course. Booking is required for both.

Paintball Maribor

Paintball is usually counted under adrenaline sports, and it truly is an exhilarating experience. But it’s also an experience suitable for most everyone. One of the reasons why it appeals to such a large audience might be that most of us played some version of good-guys, bad-guys game as children, drew our imaginary guns, and saved the day. Be that as it may, paintball is considered a great teambuilding activity—teamwork is a must if you want to win.

Paintball Maribor is located under Pohorje, in the vicinity of Habakuk Hotel. Their polygon is suitable for groups of up to 14 people (plus one or two instructors). There is no time limit for the game; it ends when the players run out of paintball bullets. Booking required. Gear is included in the price.


If you would prefer some less adventurous activities as well, you can find a list of outdoor activities in Maribor here.

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