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Free Interactive Map of Maribor


Are you planning a visit to Maribor and need a good map to help you orient yourself? Are you an inquisitive soul and like to explore on your own? Our Tasting Maribor app with a free map of Maribor can help you with that! 

Guided tours can be incredibly interesting, but sometimes, a little individual exploration can feel like a breath of fresh air. We all know the feeling. This is why the Tasting Maribor app includes a free interactive map of the town, designed to help you discover famous sights and attractions and hidden gems on your own. The app is completely free and available for both iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play).

Are you ready to grab your app and tour Maribor? Great! Are you still deciding and would like to hear more about it first? No problem—simply read on.

What does the app offer?

The app is divided into two parts: the interactive map and the guided tours that you have to purchase. The interactive map is completely free and ready to use as soon as you download the app. You can use it to find over a 100 points of interests, including the most famous sights of Maribor, things to do in town, cultural institutions, and outdoor-activity options, as well as restaurants, cafés, and accommodation options. These points of interests are grouped into thematic categories for easier search. These are further divided into subcategories. The app is designed to guide you to any location you’d like to visit, whether you wish to explore the old medieval town centre or Maribor’s foodie scene.

Navigating the app and the interactive map of Maribor

When the app opens, you’ll get the choice between booking a tour and exploring the town. Picking the second option will take you to the interactive map. You’ll find that some locations have already been marked for you. The app is set to display the most important attractions of Maribor. To see other locations, open the drop-down menu on the left. You’ll be able to choose between the following categories: sights, things to do, hotels, hospitals and clinics, outdoor activities, and restaurants. All of these are further divided into subcategories to make your search easier. Sights, for example, include attractions of Maribor, churches, streets and squares, and more, restaurants can be sorted according to the type of establishment you’re interested in, things to do offer you a choice between museums, art galleries, life music etc. Tap on the main category to see the subcategories, or tick the box on the left to see all locations that fall under that category on the map. You can always hide certain locations the same way to avoid clutter on the screen. Locations from different categories are marked with pins in different colours.

If you want to see more information about a specific location, simply tap on its pin. You can also find the location in the categories menu and tap on it there—a bubble will appear on the screen. Tap on it to see more information. To quickly zoom out, you can use the command found in the drop-down menu in the top right corner. The same menu also gives you the option to choose whether you’re travelling on foot or by car, so that the app can adjust your path accordingly.

What information is available about specific sights?

The app includes information about and pictures of all attractions and locations. When you click on a location, you’ll find a brief description and  basic information (address, website, contact information, and—if applicable—opening times). This is also where you can choose to have the app guide you to a specific location with the help of GPS services. Keep in mind that you have to turn on the location option on your phone and allow the app to track your location for this to work.

At the bottom, you’ll see the option to jump to either the previous or the next sight, or to return to the categories menu. Some locations come with a second content page with a more detailed description of the sight—you can open it by sliding the picture on the first page to the left.

Have we convinced you?

No matter how you’d like to spend your visit, Tasting Maribor app will prove to be a faithful companion and help you enjoy your stay in our town to the fullest. Simply grab your app and start your modern urban adventure!

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