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A guided walk through the city streets will allow you to soak up the city atmosphere, hear its stories, and enjoy the medieval architecture. We bring together the best the city has to offer: its remarkable wine-making tradition, diverse local and national cuisine, fun and relaxed events in the city, and eco farms from its surroundings.

To get access to this free tour, send a text message with FREE SELFIE TOUR to +386 41 656 075. You'll receive a code that you can use to unlock the tour in the app. You’ll see the route of your tour and the most important sights of Maribor displayed on the interactive map. Pictures and an audio guide are also included, so don’t forget to bring your headphones.

The app will mark your location on the map and direct you to the closest tasting location. If you don’t wish to visit the tasting locations in the order that the app suggest, you absolutely don’t have to. If any other city sight catches your fancy, you can stop there and explore it to your heart’s content. Feel free to skip a location and return later, or decide on a different route altogether.

At the end of this walk, the app will lead you to the beer garden of La Cantina Center where you’ll find three automatic beer taps. Show the photos you tagged us in on social media to a waiter, and you’ll receive a pre-paid card for 3 x 1 dl of beer made by Pivovarna Maribor. 

You can take as much time at your tasting locations as you’d like, but you should keep in mind that the tour is only valid for 24 hours after the activation. When you’re planning your tour, please consider the opening times of the establishments as well.

One tour is only valid for one person. More people can follow the route, but you will only receive one Tasting menu per purchased tour at each tasting location. If you’d like to track two or more people on one phone, the app provides this option, but every person has to purchase the same culinary tour. Once you choose the language of your tour (English or Slovenian), please complete the tour in that language. It is possible to change your choice, but your progress will be lost.


To get access to the free tour, send a text message with FREE SELFIE TOUR to +386 41 656 075.

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