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Free Tour of Maribor … AND Free Beer?


Are you travelling on a budget? What if we told you that you can get a tour around Maribor completely for free—and we’ll buy you a beer to boot?

All right, we know what you must be thinking. Where is the catch, right? All we want is to have you help us promote our town. No hidden fees. No nasty surprises. Promised.

What are we offering?

You’ll receive access to a free app-guided tour around Maribor. Our Tasting Maribor app will guide you to five of the most important sights in our town and tell you their story with the help of pictures and audio presentations. Your tour will conclude with a beer tasting at La Cantina Center. You’ll receive a pre-paid card for the automatic beer taps where you can try up to three beers made by a local brewery called Pivovarna Maribor.

What is this app we’re talking about?

Tasting Maribor is a free app available on Google Play and Apple Store. The app is divided into two parts: the free interactive map of the town and the tours. The interactive map includes descriptions of all the most important sights you can find in Maribor. Restaurants, pubs, and accommodations have not been forgotten either—the app can help you find the best place to eat or stay. The second part of the app lets you choose between different culinary tours: you can find list on our website. You’ll normally need to purchase the tours to unlock them. In this case, we’re giving you the access code for free.

You can read more about the app-guided tours here.

What you need to do?

The first step is to get your code. Simply send a text with FREE SELFIE TOUR to +386 41 656 075. We promise we’ll only text you the code. Once you have it, you can unlock the tour and you’re good to go. What we want you to do now is take a selfie at three of the five locations that the app will lead you to. Check out @TastingMaribor on Facebook or Instagram and share your Maribor experience with the world by posting your photos with #TastingMaribor and tagging us in your posts.

Yes, is really is so simple. Just three photos. Once you conclude your sightseeing and decide it’s time for beer, show those three posts to a waiter at La Cantina, and they’ll give the card you need for your beer tasting.

What beer do you get to try?

You can taste beer made by Pivovarna Maribor. Pivovarna Maribor is located at La Cantina Center. All beer produced by Pivovarna Maribor is lager beer made with Slovenian hops. Their beers are unfiltered, unpasteurised, and unarchived. They have a hazy look, an intensive aroma, and a rich, full taste. Three varieties are regularly available from tap:

Pale unfiltered lager (4.5 % vol): a beer with a vivid golden-yellow body, a balanced taste, and soft fruity aromas. A gentle bitterness and a creamy white head round up the experience.

Dark unfiltered lager (5.0 % vol): a deep brown, almost black lager with a cream-coloured head. Its gentle aromas of roasted coffee and caramel are accompanied by a rich, creamy taste of chocolate that comes from the carefully selected roasted malt.

Green unfiltered lager (4.0 % vol): a light, highly drinkable beer of a green colour that emphasizes its freshness. Gentle fruity aromas are emphasized by a medium level of bitterness that won’t let us forget we’re having a beer. A durable head makes sure the bubbles don’t escape the beer, so that you can enjoy the taste and the freshness to the very last drop.

Sometimes, you can also find seasonal varieties, such as Christmas beer or the summery sour cherry beer. More about the beer and the beer fountain can be found here.

Whatever beer you end up choosing, we hope you enjoy it. Cheers!

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